1. Answers

"Answers" developed out of a simple, forgotten pop riff from an old rehearsal recording. It would go on to open out into atmospheric layers of a more complex world. The major key and tropical rhythms belie its existential angst and affirmation of subjectivity, which are fleshed out by impressionistic explosions of blues, greens and oranges. Pay careful attention to the syncopations occurring between the upbeat guitar melody and the lethargic vocal melody in the first half of the song. By the second half, instead of opposing or bouncing against the musical support, the octave jump in the vocals affirms the triumph of the last stanza. Any aspect of the cartoonish is modulated by the lyrics, which are included below.

If you can come by any answer
Be it accidental and all
At an unlikely place, such an off pace
There's no sense in any of it

How does it go?
Oh oh oh
What does it go for?
Tell me about it
I didn't doubt it
For a second
It was out there

Let my life be
All mine
Made entirely of
Of my, oh my
Own likes




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