4. Listen

While “Listen” owes a lot to shoegaze, it also draws on new wave influences. The hi-hat is on the offbeat—as it would be with dance-influenced punk—but it’s also open, which pulls it out of the earth and into the water. Revolving around two major chords (A and D), the song should leave the listener with a sense of optimism. But it doesn’t. It’s a rather complicated minimalism. While somewhat of a companion piece to “Answers,” this song is less optimistically affirmative and more indignantly solipsistic—and it’s resigned to that fact.

It always starts with
Someone saying
Something to me
I can't hear them
I can't be myself
With all of my
Many voices shaking over

Your words
I heard mine first
I don't like it
I don't fight it
I just listen
I try to listen

The LullsComment