7. Tyrant

Note the war drums from the beginning. Immediately, this should signal the anthemic nature of “Tyrant.” This song is a letter from the oppressed to the oppressor, a declaration of existence, an insistence on recognition. Importantly, it’s not meant to stand in place of a woman’s voice but in solidarity with a woman’s voice. You might call this Calafia’s sister composition. Part shoegaze, part surf-rock and part krautrock, this song is one of the most emotive on the album.

Tyrant, bad men
Held my breath in
Tyrant, no end
—Your sweet woman

As bricks of sweat fell from your brow
Cement poured from your mouth
You built the ideal of yourself
And it all comes tumbling down

Sometimes, I wonder
If our hell is your heaven

Tyrant, weak men
Drank my breasts thin
Tyrant, je ne suis pas [I am not]
Votre femme [Your woman]

Sometimes, I wonder
If our hell is your heaven

It’s your heaven
It’s your heaven

Tyrant, I am
Je suis woman

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