6. Paris

“Paris” further complicates time by adding a bar of 7/4 onto two bars of four or a bar of 3/4 onto three bars of four (it’s all fractions). This pattern continues until the staccato bridge, which turns to a straight 4/4 before reverting to odd time again for the rest of the song. Again, the music stands in contrast to the lyrical content, which is largely about suicide. The melody came first, and then the lyrics eventually materialized thanks to a French New Wave film directed by Jacques Rivette entitled, “Paris Belongs to Us.” The plot of the movie centers around a group of party guests in post-World War II Paris and how the suicide of their friend Juan influences their actions. Taking this into consideration, a heavy reliance on major 7 chords might suggest discordant peace—the coastal dreamscape of death. 

Juan, come on
Get off, move on (x2)

Juan, come on
Get off, move on
Cut up your gut
Little ones up your arms
'Cause of what?

Awful people lost that war, but
Weren't not awful anymore, they just
Moved on
Why can't you, Juan? (x2)

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