Lulls x Banks Journal

"There's a lot to be said about music that stops you in your tracks, makes you sit back and simply listen to what it's telling you. The Lulls have managed to do just that to me with their supremely chilled and captivating track ..." — Cultured Vultures

"We need more people in the world like The Lulls. Watching their music video for 'Tyrant,' sumptuous feels, infectious singalong melodies and chord progressions that burrow deep begin to overwhelm ... From subdued and seemingly muted, the second half of the song opens into a cathartic, dreamy rage ... Tinged with hues of surf-rock and shoegaze, the song’s groove will likely resonate before its message ..." — Kick Kick Snare

"... the Cameron Wilson-directed video's cacophony of quick cuts and hypnotic visual effects also adds to the song's mesmerizing daze -- but its smooth and steady propulsion, occasional French lyric, synth-ified guitar lines, and low-down funky outro confirm what we already know: The Lulls are no laughing matter (lolz)." — NBC SoundDiego